2A – Our Second Amendment Right!

Jul 4th


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Happy Independence Day to all the members of Dallas Safari Club and the DSC Northeast Chapter!

With our Second Amendment Rights under extreme scrutiny, it is the responsibility of American Citizens to have their voice heard to show their support about their right to bear arms. American Outdoor News went out on the street to find out exactly what the Second Amendment means to American public. We had the opportunity to speak to some of the most notable people in the Outdoor Industry to find out why the Second Amendment is important to them. We also asked them why “National Reciprocity” has been met with so much resistance. If you are vetted in your home state to own a firearm and your neighboring state performs the “Same” background check, why shouldn’t you be able to carry your licensed firearm into a neighboring state?

Lets hear what they have to say on these subjects.

Source: 2A – Our Second Amendment Right!

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