5 Reasons to Turkey Hunt this Spring

If you are eager to spend more time outside now that spring has arrived, turkey hunting could be your next big adventure! This fast-paced, engaging hunt is perfect for newbies and novices. The season is fast approaching, with Youth Day on Saturday, April 30 and the season opening to all hunters May 2 – June 4, 2022.

1. Spring turkey hunting season is much warmer than many other hunting seasons.

A challenge for hunters (new and seasoned alike) can be cold weather. Soak up the sun and enjoy hunting in spring and summer-like conditions.

If you want to introduce youth to hunting, this is a great opportunity to get them hooked before deer hunting in colder conditions.

2.  Turkey hunting is interactive.

Calling in a tom turkey and chatting with them is often cited as a turkey hunter’s favorite experience. Nothing gets your heart pounding like a tom’s mighty gobble.  Enjoy a thrilling conversation with a wild turkey by practicing with the various calls available.

Learn what their various sounds and calls mean, and when to use them.

3. Lots of opportunity across the state.

Wild turkeys are abundant in Maine! Finding places to hunt turkey is as easy as asking. Chat with a local landowner to gain permission to hunt on their land and learn about turkey activity on their property.

Wildlife Management Districts 7 and 9-29 have a 2 bearded turkey bag limit, with WMDs 1-6 and 8 having a 1 bearded wild turkey bag limit.

4. Turkey meat is delicious!

Enjoying delicious wild game meat starts moments after you pull the trigger. Have a plan for success, know the nearest tagging station, and follow our game cooking recipes for the best tasting wild turkey!

5. Perfect for newbies.

Turkey hunting is an excellent first-time hunt. If you’re new to hunting, turkey hunting requires less gear

than many other hunts. The small size also makes it the easiest big game species to prepare for the dinner table.

If you’ve been turkey hunting a while, share your knowledge with a new hunter. Think outside the box when it comes to mentoring: consider asking a friend, neighbor, or coworker to join you afield!

New to hunting? It’s not too late! Start here.

Hunter safety is now available online! 

Taking a hunter safety course is the first step to joining a wonderful community of conservationists and starting a lifelong journey of learning to hunt. Courses are now available in two different formats: online and traditional in-person classes. An in-person skills and exam session is required for students ages 10-15 who take firearms and bowhunter safety courses online. Learn more about hunter education online. 

Learn more: Firearms Hunter Safety  |  Bowhunter Safety

Or, hunt with a licensed hunter under an Apprenticeship License.

Permit and tagging requirements

The spring and fall wild turkey hunting seasons are open to all hunters with valid Maine big or small game firearms or archery licenses. A combination spring/fall wild turkey permit is also required and available for $20, plus agent fee. Junior hunters and hunters over the age of 70 are exempt from the $20 permit fee. Purchase a hunting license or turkey permit online.

All wild turkeys harvested in the spring season must still be registered and have a label attached for transport. View turkey hunting laws online. 

More information

Purchase a hunting license or permit online

2021-2022 Maine Wild Turkey Hunting Quick Reference Guide (PDF)

Wild turkey hunting laws

2021-2022 Legal Hunting Hours (PDF)

Hunting on private land

Source: 5 Reasons to Turkey Hunt this Spring

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