Bald Eagle Numbers are Actually Soaring in Pennsylvania

Jul 16th


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There are so many nests, wildlife officials can’t physically count them all.

Bald eagles have been at the forefront of Pennsylvania conservation for years. For years, the Pennsylvania Game Commission would release the eagle population numbers on July 4.

Then the birds were threatened, but they’ve managed to make an incredible recovery in recent years. Back in 1983, wildlife officers only counted three nesting pairs, whereas now there are more than 300.

In fact, the bald eagle population is doing so well, the PGC is actually turning to the public for help in gathering data.

“The populations has expanded to a point where tracking individual nests is not feasible,” Pennsylvania Game Commission ornithologist Sean Murphy told the Tribune Review in an interview.

Pennsylvania stopped listing bald eagles as “threatened” back in 2014, but the population’s rebound hasn’t stopped there, as it’s expected to continue improving in years to come.

Residents who want to help contribute can input information whenever they spot bald eagle nests by using a simple online tool at the Pennsylvania Game Commission website.

Officials say the best time to spot nesting eagles in Pennsylvania is from January to August.


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