Sep 22nd


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Where the Wild Quail Are

Seeking adventure in the Arizona desert By Tom Sternal Mark Nissen and Randy Matis are different kinds of snowbirds. True, they spend most of every spring, summer and fall in Wisconsin before heading to southern Arizona from early December to early February. Also true (and they may argue this point), they are approaching the ages when this type […]

Sep 19th


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What Are the Best Deer Hunting Times Throughout the Day?

Once the season is on, you need to know the best time of day for deer activity to have the best chance of success. Let us start by quickly making a point here: we’re talking about the best time of the day for deer movement, not the best time of the year. Obviously, with the […]

Sep 16th


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Tough Stuff

Is African game really as tenacious as they say? Legend has it that African animals are especially tough, hardier and more tenacious than game anywhere else. It is true that African animals live with a full suite of predators, so they tend to be keyed up, but it depends on the species. The impala, for […]

Sep 13th


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The striking southern oryx

The southern oryx, or gemsbok (O. g. gazella) is a large antelope with a stocky build and a short, thick neck. Both sexes carry long, almost straight, transversely ridged, rapier-like horns with those of bull shorter and more robust. The body is greyish-fawn in colour, with black-and-white marked faces; a black stripe extends down throat […]

Sep 10th


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Saving Wildlife—and People—One Snare at a Time

Three years ago, a filmmaker set out to document the attempt to restore a neglected Zambian game reserve and its people. Then he was drawn personally into this holistic approach to conservation, a combination of agriculture and aquaculture, micro-capitalism, female empowerment, primary education, wildlife biology, policing and sustainable hunting, all fueled by creativity, perseverance, generosity, […]

Sep 7th


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Continuing Conservation

Even during a pandemic, hunters have not stopped caring about and working for wildlife. As hunters, we know how crucial wildlife and natural habitats are to the human condition, perhaps now more than ever. And while it’s understandable that wildlife conservation may take a back seat to other concerns during a health and economic crisis, […]

Sep 3rd


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The common eland

The common eland is ox-like in appearance, especially in the case of bulls. Older bulls develop a large dewlap on the throat and most have distinctive mat of fairly long, coarse dark hair on the forehead. A short dark mane runs down the back of the neck of both bull and cow. Both carry shallowly […]

Aug 30th


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COVID-19 increases the pressure: Botswana’s Rhino-Poaching Crisis

Since 2014, rhino poaching has been increasing in Botswana, a country once considered dangerous for poachers. Factionalism within the government now appears to be behind this, and today COVID-19 is making it worse. Keith Somerville updates us on the crisis.  Any thought that the coronavirus outbreak and supposed clampdowns on illegal wildlife trade and markets […]

Aug 26th


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New Hampshire Hunting Seasons Open on September 1

New Hampshire’s fall hunting seasons kick off on September 1 with the opening of black bear and gray squirrel seasons. Archery seasons for turkey and white-tailed deer get underway September 15. The statewide resident Canada goose hunt runs September 1-25. Highlights of New Hampshire’s hunting seasons […] CONTACT:Dan Bergeron: (603) 271-1126August 24, 2020 Concord, NH […]

It’s a Great Year to Hunt Bear, Here’s Why

By Public Relations Specialist Katie Yates Maine has the highest population of black bears in the eastern United States. The population is currently stable and appropriate for what the landscape can support, but black bears do not have any natural predators in Maine. Unchecked populations could easily grow exponentially, eventually leading to unsustainable numbers of […]

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