Chapter Spotlight: DSC Northeast – Dallas Safari Club

As officers transitioned out after years of dedicated service to DSC Northeast, Frank Herrick took the reins of the chapter to continue the mission that they had worked so hard on over the previous six years.

Based out of Connecticut, this regional DSC chapter serves the states of Connecticut, New Jersey, New York, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont. Their annual banquet—Call2Adventure!—is one of, if not the most, attractive banquets on the East Coast. “We try to provide our attendees with an experience that they will not get anywhere else,” says Frank.

Now going into his third year as President, Frank is proud that “you do not have to be a big game hunter that travels around the world to be a member of our chapter.” He continues, “we have a very passionate group of sportsmen and -women that enjoy the multitude of hunting, fishing, and other outdoor opportunities that the Northeast has to offer.” This is helpful, especially when you consider one of the chapter’s main priorities is expanding and growing outdoor sports in their region, as highlighted by the Family Archery Event Article in the volume 1 of Community Conservation. Additionally, DSC Northeast is a staunch advocate for the rights of hunters and shooters, which was (and still is in many areas) part of the culture there in the early years of our nation.

DSC Northeast has seen its fair share of opposition to legal, sustainable hunting and angling, and science-based wildlife decisions in recent years. In 2016 the group opposed an importation ban in New Jersey that was ultimately overturned. In 2020, they successfully opposed a ban of bear baiting in Maine. Most recently, they co-signed a letter in opposition of Connecticut Senate Bill 925 that intended to ban the importation and possession of the “African Big Six”.

When he’s not actively at the helm of one of the Northeast’s leading conservation groups, Frank can typically be found in one of two places: his classroom or his deer stand with bow in hand. In fact, he’s found a way to blend the two, “years ago, anatomy was taught by dissecting frogs or mice. Most students hated it and the size of the organs is not relatable to the human body. So, each deer season, internal organs from local whitetails that are in good condition are used to provide real-life hands-on instruction.” He continues, “I often see students from years past that bring up ‘that time I brought deer hearts to class’ and reflect on how much they enjoyed it and learned.” Hunting has also led to the development of another passion, cooking. Frank holds the record in his school district for “best wild boar chorizo chili,” a title that he readily defends. As a recipient of Frank’s venison jerky, I can personally attest to his abilities.

A final note from Frank: he doesn’t head into the field without a camera. His and my text conversation over the years is riddled with photos of him in exciting places with spectacular animals–I’m yet to figure out if he’s sharing or making fun of me as I receive them in a climate-controlled office. Either way, I’m not complaining. “I like to share the things I have seen with others that have not had the same opportunities that I have,” he says–which I think summarizes his character quite perfectly.

If you’re in the Northeast and are not connected with your local chapter, please reach out to me directly at and I will gladly introduce you to Frank and the DSC Northeast group.

By Carson Keys, DSC Chapter Coordinator

Source: Chapter Spotlight: DSC Northeast – Dallas Safari Club

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