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May 15th


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DSC is eager to support Big Billy Kinder Outdoors talk radio as its title sponsor when it graduates to SiriusXM next month.

After 10 years of sweat and tears, this small, made-in-America family talk show will join the SiriusXM satellite signal on June 1, 2019, at 4pm (ET).

From humble beginnings on one radio station in Dallas/Fort Worth, BBKO Radio will become a part of the Salem family of programming on Family Talk SiriusXM 131. In keeping with its mission — to educate youth and the general public about conservation in the outdoors — DSC is honored to support Big Billy Kinder Outdoors as the title sponsor.

“We are thrilled to be a part of Big Billy Kinder Outdoors expanding to SiriusXM,” DSC Executive Director Corey Mason said. “Billy has been a strong and leading voice for the outdoors in this market, and DSC is proud to see his reach expanding to inform and engage new audiences.”

After 30 years of being a voice on the airwaves in DFW, Billy will now share his on-air talent along with his lifelong passion and experience in the great outdoors hunting and fishing with an ever-growing audience.

Big Billy Kinder Outdoors currently airs on WBAP-820AM (Flagship), 14 other North Texas radio stations and on more than 116 radio stations in 28 states through the Salem Radio Network.

Show pros include outdoor icons such as Larry Weishuhn, Gary Klein, Tom Dokken, Kelly Jordan, Wally Marshall “Mr. Crappie” and more. Celebrity guests such as T. Boone Pickens, General Chuck Yeager, Nolan Ryan, Jim Shockey, Jason Robertson, Jim Zumbo and others frequent the camp-house to discuss their passion for the great outdoors.

Listeners can tune in to any of the local radio stations, SiriusXM-Channel 131 or can enjoy the podcasts 24/7 available from iTunes, the bbkoradio.com website or other podcast providers.

“When we’re not in the great outdoors, we’re thinkin’ about it.”

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