Fred Bear’s 10 Commandments for Every Hunter

Get back to your hunting roots and listen up to Fred Bear’s 10 Commandments of hunting. 

Too often, we as hunters get too caught up in overthinking the hunt.

If you need to remember why you picked up the hobby in the first place, there’s no better role model to look to than Fred Bear.

Fred Bear is one of the biggest legends in the sport of hunting. In fact, many people consider Fred Bear to be the best bowhunter of all time.

So, listen up! Here are Fred Bear’s 10 Commandments, guaranteed to make you a wiser hunter.

The next time you’re headed to the stand with your bow, keep these commandments in the back of your mind.

1. Don’t step on anything you can step over.


2. Don’t look for deer; look for movement (and remember, it’s what they’re looking for, too).


3. Always approach downwind. In the cool of the day, move uphill; in the heat of the day, move downhill.


4. The best camouflage pattern is called, “Sit down and be quiet!” Your grandpa hunted deer in a red plaid coat. Think about that for a second.


5. Take only the gear to the field that allows you to hunt longer, harder, and smarter.


6. A rainstorm isn’t a reason to quit the hunt. It’s a reason to stay.


7. Camouflage your appearance, your sound and your scent.


8. Be sure of your shot. Nothing is more expensive than regret.


9. Hunt where the deer actually are, not where you’d imagine them to be.


10. Next year’s hunt begins the minute this season’s hunt ends.


Fred Bear is a legend for reason. He knew how to get in close with some of the most challenging big game North America has to offer. If he could do it with a recurve bow using these commandments, most hunters should be able to do it with a firearm.

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