Hunter Shoots Black Bear On Foot With a Traditional Bow on Public Land

Black Bear Hunting With A Traditional Bow, On Foot, & On Public Land Isn't For the Faint Of Heart

Very few hunters these days can close the deal on a black bear with a traditional bow, especially on a public land hunt on foot.

Clay Newcomb is the owner of Bear Hunting Magazine. Not surprisingly, he does quite a bit of bear hunting, especially with his traditional bow.

He particularly enjoys hunting black bear in the Ouachita Mountains of Oklahoma and Arkansas. While the area has a healthy black bear population, there aren’t bears behind every tree and hunters are not allowed to hunt bears over bait or with hounds Additionally, the thick vegetation makes it difficult to spot bears from a distance.

As you can imagine, those are tough hunts with very low success rates. This is why Clay has dubbed a public-land bear hunt in that part of the country “The Sheep Hunt Of The South.”

Clay tagged two bears in those mountains back in 2016, but didn’t even see a bear on multiple hunts up there in 2017 and 2018 (he shot a MONSTER on private land in 2018, though).

His luck changed this year. Watch the video to see how things went down.

He had pounded those ridges without success for two full hunting seasons, but it only takes a minute for your luck to change and that’s exactly what happened with Clay this year.

After finding some hot bear sign, he stayed with it and then encountered an unsuspecting bear that presented Clay a 13-yard shot with his recurve bow.

Great work getting it done, Clay!

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