Justin Rackley Drops Nyala Bull With Bow in South Africa

Aug 20th


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You’re going to want to see LakeForkGuy arrow this Nyala bull from 30 yards out.

If you’ve heard of Justin Rackley, also known as LakeForkGuy or LFG for short, you likely know him for his bass fishing prowess.

As resident of the Houston area, he’s known for staying Texas most of the time, too, hence the name of his YouTube channel.

However, Rackley has been branching out in recent years, spending more time hunting in the woods and making a point to travel out of state more frequently. And, in this video, he did both in a big way.

As you’re about to see, he decided to go to South Africa in pursuit of an Eastern Cape Nyala bull. Using a compound bow, he notices a number of similarities to a whitetail deer hunt in terms of spot-and-stalk strategies, but also has to adjust to a much, much different setting.

He also mentions the how a Nyala bull is significantly bigger than a whitetail buck is, which is evident in the thumbnail alone.

Watch the video below:

With all of that country in the backdrop, he probably didn’t expect to get his shot from mere feet off the edge of the road. But, after his shot, he saw plenty as he had to wear out his boots to track his quarry down.

As he says immediately after the shot, though, this shot didn’t come right off the bat. He said they went on six or seven stalks the day before and struck out.

That’s just how hunting is sometimes. You’ll try to create a scene in your head of where an animal should theoretically be standing without realizing there’s one right in front of you.

Congrats to Rackley on a once-in-a-lifetime harvest!

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