Modern Wildlife Conservationists Are Changing the Hunting and Fishing Worlds

Wildlife Conservationists

While plenty of people are making waves in the wildlife conservation world, it’s the collective leadership and membership of groups like these that are making a real impact.

There are many great causes out there, but these are two of the best pro-outdoorsmen conservation organizations fighting for the proper management of wild animals, wild waters, and wild lands.

Safari Club International

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Posted by Safari Club International – SCI on Wednesday, January 13, 2021

SCI has spent the last 50 years as a nonprofit leader in hunter education, advocacy, and conservation programs, with a membership now totaling over 50,000 including hundreds of chapters across the United States and worldwide.

From New York to Kenya and everywhere in between, SCI has fought for hunter rights, supported anti-poaching efforts, and contributed to proper wildlife management.

Since 2000, the organization has poured over $70 million into more than 100 conservation projects in 30 countries. SCI also equips hunters to petition their state government and federal government agencies on issues that affect sportsmen and lobbies for the freedom to hunt.

Captains for Clean Water

Posted by Captains For Clean Water on Tuesday, April 20, 2021

In 2016, a pair of fishing guides and co-founders of Captains for Clean Water started with a mission “to restore and protect aquatic ecosystems for the use and enjoyment of all.”

They work to advance science-based solutions, education, and advocacy to preserve our natural resources with a bipartisan focus on wetlands, water quality, and marine conservation. Their work is what will keep fisheries in commission for years to come.

Your Turn to Get Involved

You don’t need to be a conservation scientist or hold a bachelor’s degree or master’s degree in environmental science, ecology, and sustainability to take an active role in wildlife conservation.

Join the thousands who are continuing the conservation efforts of Theodore Roosevelt today. Get involved by joining a reputable conservation organization, volunteering your time, and spreading the word that hunting (and fishing) is conservation.

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