New Hampshire Budget Includes Attack on Sporting Dog Kennels

Jun 13th


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As the New Hampshire Senate approved the state’s new two-year budget, House Bill 2, it included “Pet Vendor” language at the last minute that treats many sporting dog kennels and hobby breeders the same as large commercial breeders.

Soon, a conference committee of legislators from both chambers will convene to work out the differences between the House and Senate versions of the budget bill. This will be the last opportunity to stop this attack on sporting dog breeders.

Because HB 2 had already been approved by the New Hampshire House of Representatives, the anti-sporting dog language will not receive a single public hearing before the House. “New Hampshire sportsmen and dog owner’s deserve better than to be treated this way,” said Bruce Tague vice president of Government Affairs for the Sportsmen’s Alliance.

Four New Hampshire legislators hold the key, and must hear from New Hampshire sportsmen:

Take Action Now! Sportsmen and dog owners should call and email these four New Hampshire legislators. Ask them to remove the anti-sporting dog language from House Bill 2 that treats sporting dog kennels the same as large commercial puppy selling operations. Let them know this will harm and even eliminate New Hampshire sporting dog kennels for people who hunt and field trial.

“The Pet Vendor definition in House Bill 2 will result in costly regulations on sporting dog kennels and other hobby breeders who do no exist to sell dogs,” explained Tague. “This is like regulating a local mom and pop business the same as a large factory. This language will force sporting dog kennels to shut down. That’s why public hearings are so important. This could have been avoided. Now we’re counting on House and Senate leaders to protect New Hampshire sporting dog enthusiasts.”

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