Exploring Maine’s Wildlife Management Areas

By Regional Wildlife Biologists Kendall Marden One of Maine’s most underappreciated natural resources is public land.  Many folks from the western U.S. are used to having access to millions of acres of public land. On the contrary, accessing private land in the west is a challenge and often involves paying for that privilege. We are lucky in […]

Mar 6th


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The Immorality of Saving Elephants

The battle for the hearts and minds of the international public over the African Elephant brings into sharp focus the activities of the animal rights movement. Here people who live in countries devoid of large and dangerous animals raise vast amounts of money to ‘save’ elephants. Recently two noted academics dissected this situation in a […]

Mar 3rd


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Craig Boddington: Thoughts on Proper Cape Buffalo Shot Placement

  Nothing will mess up a cape buffalo hunt faster than a poorly placed shot. Here’s what Craig Boddington has to say about cape buffalo shot placement. Cape buffalo have a well deserved reputation for toughness and aggression. They also have the ability to soak up incredible amounts of lead from poorly placed shots. The […]

Mar 1st


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One Shot From a .458 Lott Puts This Bison Down

American Bison are extremely large creatures, but one shot from a .458 Lott was all this hunter needed to bring one down in Alberta, Canada. The .458 Lott is a very powerful cartridge designed for use on very large, thick skinned dangerous game like cape buffalo. The cartridge is not limited to use in Africa […]

Feb 27th


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DSC’s Response to UK Call for Evidence on Trophy Imports/Exports

.et_post_meta_wrapper Please see DSC’s submission in response to the UK Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs’ call for evidence on the impact of trophy imports and exports. The case for legal, regulated hunting as a conservation tool is well-established worldwide and there is no place for restrictions on any matters seeking to undermine hunting. […]

Feb 24th


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Preliminary Pennsylvania Sunday Hunting Dates

After deliberation, the first of Pennsylvania’s Sunday hunting dates have been established and initially approved. The Pennsylvania Board of Game Commissions gave their preliminary approval to three Sunday hunting dates for the November, 2020 hunting season. The decision was determined during the Commission’s meeting in Harrisburg on January 25. A date during the statewide archery […]

Feb 21st


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Will We Ever Be Able to Stop Poaching?

Can we ever really stop people from poaching? All the law-abiding hunters I know hate poachers. They steal precious wildlife resources from the rest of us. Worse, they give all hunters a bad name because most members of the public don’t know how to differentiate between the true conservationists and the criminals. But can we […]

Feb 19th


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10 Politicians Looking Out for Our Sportsmen’s Rights

These politicians have shown they’re watching out for sportsmen. Politics and conservation are very intertwined, especially with the heated political climate in the United States right now. Hunter numbers are dropping, and some state and federal agencies are struggling with funding and wildlife management. Some are worried about our shooting sports rights and sportsmen’s rights […]

Feb 16th


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UPDATE! NH Hearing for Bill Opening Fish & Game Commission to Anti-Hunters

Legislation that allows people who have never hunted, and even hold anti-hunting views, to be appointed to the Fish and Game Commission will have a hearing next week in New Hampshire. The House Fish and Game and Marine Resources Committee will hear House Bill 1571 at 2 p.m. on Tuesday, Feb. 4, in the Legislative […]

Feb 13th


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2020 New Hampshire Moose Hunt Lottery Now Open

New Hampshire’s 2020 moose hunt lottery is now open. Enter today for your chance at the adventure of a lifetime—hunting moose in the rugged woods of the Granite State. The lottery entrance fee is $15 for New Hampshire residents and […] CONTACT: Linda Verville: (603) 271-2461 Henry Jones: (603) 744-5470 January 30, 2020 CONCORD, NH […]

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