Sep 8th


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Youth Field Days: Exciting Outdoor Traditions and Activities

A participant greets a beagle at the Dog Training station of a Youth Field Day event. Photo by Derek Stoner. The rush and thrill of hitting the bullseye.  The excitement of watching a hunting dog lock onto the scent of its quarry.  The feeling of trying a fun outdoor sport for the first time.  All […]

Sep 3rd


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Fall Turkey Seasons Open September 15

The Granite State’s fall turkey hunting season opens on September 15 for archers, while the fall shotgun season runs October 11–17 in designated Wildlife Management Units. Hunters who did not fill both of their turkey tags during the 2021 spring season may harvest […] CONTACT: Dan Bergeron: (603) 271-1126Allison Keating: (603) 271-2461August 18, 2021 Concord, […]

Aug 29th


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Hunting 101

The New Hunter Program at FTW Ranch turns novices into well-rounded, ethical, and skilled hunters. If you want to become a hunter and you don’t have a hunting mentor, where do you start? Sure, a hunter education course is usually mandatory, but where does a novice go for information beyond the basics—how to aim and […]

Aug 28th


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Suing to protect valuable wildlife

Wildlife is valuable. When harmed, such as by commercial poaching or illegal trade, our response should be not only to punish offenders, but to seek remedies. Conservation litigation provides opportunities to secure justice for wildlife.   We work hard to protect things of value and—when someone harms them—we frequently respond strongly. These responses often seek […]

Aug 25th


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Hunting zebra in Africa

Burchell’s Zebra The Burchell’s zebra Equus burchelli, is a southern subspecies of the plains zebra. It differs from that zebra by a number of features, most prominent being shadow stripes which are overlaid on the white stripes on the African zebra’s hindquarters. The dewlap that is common on other zebras is missing. Burchell’s zebra stands […]

Aug 22nd


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How to Spot and Stalk Big Game

Wind whipped across the desert and up the mountainside, battling the falling dusk for supremacy. Dusk won, as it always does, and with the setting sun, the wind died, mourning into the draws and eddying across the flats. We sat on a vantage point, field glasses trained upon mountain peaks that shown golden in the last […]

Aug 21st


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Let’s Forge Conservation Coalitions

Antagonism between hunters and those who don’t like hunting is probably the single biggest reason why a powerful natural alliance to conserve and enhance wildlife and wildlife habitat is elusive to this day—although it could literally move mountains and overcome most obstacles facing ecosystem conservation.    There are quite a few organizations and individuals devoted […]

Aug 18th


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Modern Wildlife Conservationists Are Changing the Hunting and Fishing Worlds

While plenty of people are making waves in the wildlife conservation world, it’s the collective leadership and membership of groups like these that are making a real impact. There are many great causes out there, but these are two of the best pro-outdoorsmen conservation organizations fighting for the proper management of wild animals, wild waters, and […]

Aug 15th


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First African Adventure

 It starts like most adventures start – a thought in the back of your mind, a vision of adventure, the experience of a new culture, new people, and a different perspective of a sunset in a remote continent and different hemisphere. Such was the case when I began thinking and dreaming of an African hunt. […]

Aug 14th


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Hunters and Anglers need to be on Frontlines of Biodiversity Conservation

The Hunt Fish 30 by 30 coalition’s priorities were directly acknowledged in the Biden Administration’s report Conserving and Restoring America the Beautiful—but continued dialogue with, and active engagement by the sporting community is essential.   Conservation, indeed, is on the frontlines. As topics like biodiversity conservation and climate change continue to become more mainstream, there […]

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