Dec 7th


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Trapping Seasons Underway in New Hampshire

Trapping seasons in New Hampshire run from October through March statewide, with the majority of trapping activity on land taking place during the months of November and December, depending on the species. Trapping is a highly regulated activity and may […] CONTACT: Pat Tate: (603) 868-1095 Jay Martin: (603) 271-3211 November 13, 2019 CONCORD, NH […]

Dec 5th


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A Whitetail Experience

By Larry Weishuhn “You’ve got to be kidding me!” I turned toward what had obviously grabbed companion’s attention. I had opened the pasture gate. He had been the first one through it, walking a few steps into the pasture. I noted he was looking into underbrush at something hidden just beyond my view. I latched […]

Dec 3rd


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Hunting Deer with a Bow Past Archery Season

Bowhunting doesn’t have to end when firearms season begins. As we start nearing mid-November, many bowhunters are dreading the end of many regular archery deer hunting seasons and the start of firearms deer season. But who says you can’t hunt deer with a bow during gun season? Today we have some tips for you to keep deer […]

Dec 1st


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African Game Meat: What Happens After the Shot?

Contributor Philip Massaro discusses common misconceptions about what happens to the meat from African trophies harvested by hunters. We assure you, nothing goes to waste in Africa, especially not meat. The DSC Northeast Call2Adventure! 2020 event is coming up on March 14th, 2020 in Uncasville, CT. This event helps raise funds to support wildlife conservation, […]

Nov 29th


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Hunting Tags: A Brief History of What They Are, and Why We Use Them

Hunting licenses and tags play a vital role in conservation. All of us have grumbled a bit while picking up a hunting permit or tag from our favorite license agents. Yep, the price just went up yet again this hunting season. But, did you ever stop to think about why hunting tags exist and why […]

Nov 28th


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7 Animals (Besides Turkey) Eaten at the First Thanksgiving

What was eaten at the first Thanksgiving? The answer may surprise you. No one really knows exactly how turkey became a Thanksgiving staple. While the Pilgrims probably had the now-traditional bird, it wasn’t the centerpiece of their famous meal, and those who participated in the first feast of the holiday had something much different on their plates. The […]

Nov 26th


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All the Sounds We Love to Hear in the Peak of the Fall Hunting Season

These are our favorite sounds of November. November is full swing and for many outdoorsmen and women, this is their favorite time of year due to hunting season. Most deer ruts, both whitetail and mule deer are in full swing. Antlers are clashing and there are so many vocalizations you can only hear at this […]

Nov 24th


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Create Your Own Classic Hunting Camp

Stories about the olden hunting camps of eras gone by have always been an interesting read. Way back in the day, hunting camps were a “man thing” focused on the business of gathering game meat for the winter to sustain a family for a long time. Although I am pretty sure those old guys thoroughly […]

Nov 22nd


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The 5 Best Black Bear Hunting States

These are the absolute best states for black bear hunting. Black bear populations are up all over the United States. That means there are more opportunities for bear hunters than there have been for years. But where are some of the top destinations to hunt bears? That’s what we’re here for. These are some of […]

Nov 20th


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Pennsylvania House Passes Historic Sunday Hunting Bill

After 337 years of a near total ban on Sunday hunting in the Commonwealth, the Pennsylvania House voted to pave the way for limited Sunday hunting. The bill, which allows for hunting on three Sundays, will now head back to the Senate, which is expected to agree to the House version of the bill. If […]

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