Jul 28th


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House Passes the Great American Outdoors Act

Last week marked an historic day as the House of Representatives passed the Great American Outdoors Act (GAOA) in a 310-107 vote. The legislation will now go to the President for signature. The GAOA is the single greatest commitment to increasing public access and advancing conservation in our lifetime. This bill provides $900 million annually to the Land […]

Jul 27th


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New Hampshire Session Ends, Multiple Anti-Sportsmen Bills Die

The Sportsmen’s Alliance and our New Hampshire members, along with a number of other sportsmen’s groups in the state, were able to defeat a handful of bills that would have negatively impacted sportsmen and dog owners. The 2019-20 New Hampshire legislative session recently came to an end, killing bills related to the makeup of the […]

Jul 26th


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Action Alert: Iconic African Species Protection Act (SB 1175)

California’s latest legislation, SB 1175, would ban both the importation and possession of eight commonly hunted African species, including taxidermy received after 2020. These species include: elephant, lion, leopard, rhino, giraffe, hippo, hyena, and zebra. This is an overreach by California, and in no way would this bill benefit these wildlife species. Please contact the […]

Jul 25th


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Frontline Dispatches – June 2020 Vol. II, No. 6

DOWNLOAD PDF Asia Nearly 15,000 miles of roads will be built in tiger habitat by mid-century, further threatening the species and highlighting the need for conservation. U. of Michigan ecologists calculated the extent and potential impacts of new road networks across 450,000 square miles (1.165 million sq km) of tiger habitat in 13 countries. Road […]

Jul 23rd


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How to Make the Most Out of Your Deer Hunting Season

Want to maximize your time afield? The time to start planning is now! Almost every hunter has done it at some point. Life has happened and it has impeded your deer hunting season plans. Maybe it is a new job cutting into your time afield, the arrival of new child or simply lost access to […]

Jul 21st


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Dream Hunt: How to Make an African Safari Come True

An African safari is surprisingly affordable if approached correctly. Here’s how to make your own dream hunt in Africa come true. The views expressed by the editors, authors or users of this linked article are expressly theirs, and do not necessarily reflect the policies or opinions of Dallas Safari Club, its employees, members or assigns. […]

How can a timber harvest improve wildlife habitat?

By Natural Resource Manager Jack Chappen  Here at MDIFW’s Lands Program, we are tasked with creating, maintaining, and improving wildlife habitat on the state-owned Wildlife Management Areas for the benefit of Maine’s fish and wildlife populations. One of the most effective tools we have to accomplish this is a conventional timber harvest.  It may seem contradictory […]

Jul 17th


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House Set to Vote on Great American Outdoors Act Next Week

July 15, 2020 (WASHINGTON, D.C.) The Great American Outdoors Act is the largest public lands funding package to receive an up-or-down vote in Congress in a lifetime, and the U.S. House of Representatives is set to take a final vote on the bill next Wednesday, July 22, setting the bill up to be sent to […]

Jul 17th


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Lois Elizabeth Wilde: 1922-2020

Lois Elizabeth Wilde, longtime Associate Editor of Sports Afield and Trustee of the North Dakota Museum of Art, died on May 10, 2020, at Edgewood Parkwood Place in Grand Forks, North Dakota. She was born in 1922 in Grand Forks, attended local public schools, and graduated in 1944 from the University of North Dakota with […]

Jul 15th


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The many faces of the bushbuck

The bushbuck is a medium-sized antelope with variable coat colouration and markings, and as many as 29 subspecies being recognised on this basis. Many of these subspecies and races are seen by some as being geographical variations that do not warrant subspecific status. They have short, bushy tails that are dark above and white below, […]

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