Aug 11th


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UK Charity raises funds at expense of Africans

As the UK parliament consider bans on hunting trophy imports, community leaders representing millions of rural Africans have launched an official complaint against one of the key players in the campaign against trophy hunting. Representatives from communities of six southern African nations are accusing celebrity-backed animal charity the Born Free Foundation of waging a campaign […]

Aug 8th


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Zimbabwe’s Elephant Problem | State of the Nation

Zimbabwe has over 85 000 elephants. The country’s national parks only have space for just about half of that number and the question is: what can Zimbaweans do to protect people and ecosystems from too many elephants? Year: 2021 Producer: Eleven Dogs Inc Duration: 7 Minutes The post Zimbabwe’s Elephant Problem | State of the […]

Aug 7th


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Spurring On a Great Tradition: Youth Turkey Hunt at Pymatuning WMA

On Saturday, April 24, Youth Turkey Day in Pennsylvania, the Northwest Region hosted the first-ever turkey hunt at the Pymatuning Wildlife Management Area.  A lottery application process helped to select the seven lucky junior hunters, who then took part in an educational training session on April 17 to prepare for the hunt.  After scouting and […]

Aug 4th


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The Path Less Traveled #015: Life’s Short, Make Time

When is the last time you took your old college friend’s offer to hang out, and did it? How many offers for engaging in various activities do you put off for work, repairs around the house, or studying versus the time you spent doing those tasks? I bet the math shows that you could have […]

Aug 1st


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Trophy hunting: how it can protect Africa’s wildlife

Trophy hunting sparks outrage around the world, but it can actually help to protect Africa’s endangered landscapes and wildlife. Taking this proven conservation tool off the table, with no viable alternative, puts millions of acres of habitat, the wildlife and the people living there, at risk. In the African countries, where hunting is properly managed, […]

Jul 28th


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Hunter’s Profile – Kelly Drolet

From what I remember and that which has been told to me by my parents and grand parents, it is obvious to me that my love for nature, the wilderness and the outdoor life is based on being raised on what would be defined as a very remote farm. We had limited access or need […]

Jul 21st


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First from the Field

On any dove shoot, there are always one or two participants who are the first to return from the field. What sets them apart from their fellow hunters? Of course, experience, practice and visual acuity are part of the equation, but often overlooked is the smoothness of the shooters’ movements and gun mounts. There are […]

Jul 14th


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Best Bets for Bushbuck

Where to hunt “Africa’s whitetail.” Photo credit: An old harnessed bushbuck with one horn tip broken, taking a drink along a river in Benin. (Photo by Christophe Morio) On a hunt in Uganda this past March, we spent our last few days hunting sitatunga in riverine papyrus beds, and we were successful on the last […]

Jul 7th


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Ground Blind Hunting: Tips and Tricks to Remember

For the hunter that doesn’t mind sitting for hours, ground blind hunting can be the ultimate in concealment and versatility. Ground blind hunting is perfect for applications such as big game or turkey hunting, bowhunting whitetail, ambushing bull elk during the rut, and especially waterfowl hunting (though this situation is a little different from the […]

Jun 30th


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African Parks keep moving steadily forward

Non-governmental organisation (NGO) African Parks has just released its 2020 Annual Report. By the close of 2020, AP had 19 parks under management in 11 countries, over 14.7 million hectares (56,757 square miles, covering ten of the 13 ecological biomes on mainland Africa. This is the largest and most ecologically diverse amount of land under […]

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