One of the Oldest Deer Ever Recorded in Vermont Was Killed in 2018

Apr 30th


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Justin Hoffman
Vermont Deer Hunting

A 20-year-old doe was taken during the 2018 season, tying the record for oldest deer ever recorded.

If you submitted a tooth from a harvested deer during Vermont’s 2018 season, you are now able to see the age of the animal by visiting the Fish & Wildlife Department’s website.

In total, 2,999 buck teeth were submitted by those hunters participating in the November rifle season. In addition to those, 915 deer were examined at various reporting stations during the youth and rifle seasons.

Some interesting details were tied into the report, and one in particular stuck out.

The oldest deer taken was a 20-year-old doe, shot by a Braintree youth hunter. This ties the record with a road-killed 2016 doe for oldest deer ever recorded in the state.

As for bucks, the oldest recorded in 2018 was 12 years of age, shot in Ferrisburgh. It ties the record with three other deer, killed in 2016 and 2017, as the oldest bucks ever harvested in the state of Vermont.

For more information, you can check out the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department website.

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