Pennsylvania State Game Wardens Ranks Replenished

Feb 27th


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Congratulations to the 27 new game wardens who are on the job in Pennsylvania! Following 51 weeks of intensive training, the 31st Class of the Pennsylvania Game Commission’s Ross Leffler School of Conservation graduated Saturday during a ceremony at Susquehanna Township Middle School.

This is the first class of graduates to enter the field with the official title of State Game Warden. While Game Commission conservation officers have been called game wardens for years, the title didn’t become official until 2018.

Graduate Andrew Hueser received the class award for academics, with a score of 97.9 percent.
Graduate Trevor Shauf was selected as the fitness award winner for maintaining the highest standard of physical fitness during the 51-week training program.
Graduate Daniel Carl was honored with the marksmanship award, scoring 571 out of a possible 700 points.
Graduate Michael Smith received the Emergency Vehicle Operator Course driving award.
Graduate Cody Jones was chosen by his classmates to receive the “Torch Award for Leadership.”

Graduates on Saturday were commissioned as officers and have been assigned to their new districts. Game Commission Game Wardens are responsible for administering a wide variety of agency programs within an assigned district of about 350 square miles.

Primary duties include law enforcement, responding to wildlife conflicts, conservation education, and administration of the Hunter-Trapper Education program. Wardens also are responsible for supervising and training part-time Deputy Game Wardens.

We are proud of this class and wish them all the best!

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