Qorokwe: From Hunting to Prime Photographic Area

The Okavango Delta in Botswana is the 1000th World Heritage Site. In the southeastern corner of this gem, you find Qorokwe, a 5-star photographic lodge, in a community concession.

Johan Calitz Safaris has been working with the local community in this area since 1998. The Qorokwe Zone was used for hunting up until the hunting ban in 2013. After the hunting ban came in effect, the Calitz family transformed this zone into one of the top photographic safari areas in the Okavango Delta. With abundant wildlife and the local knowledge gained since 1998, the photographic tourists visiting Qorokwe are having stunning wildlife sightings.

Daily sightings of large carnivores, elephants and buffalo keep the cameras clicking. Here is a few pictures taken around Qorokwe.

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