Ten Most Forgotten Archery Hunting Items

Statewide deer archery season opener takes place Saturday, Oct. 5, 2019! It’s time to start thinking about what you’re going to need to have in your backpack before you head into the woods.

Pennsylvania Game Commission Shooting Sports Outreach Coordinator Todd Holmes shared ten of the most forgotten items bowhunters can easily forget to have with them while hunting.

Make a list and be sure to not forget the following things:

  1.  Current Pennsylvania Hunting License. Make sure you have your current year’s hunting license signed and all your tags. Be sure to remove all last year’s tags as well.
  2. Good Pen. You will need one of these to fill out your tag if your hunt is successful. Also, remember to have a way to attach the tag to the animal, such as a zip tie or piece of string.
  3. Flash Light with Good Batteries. Trying to quietly navigate through the dark woods is a lot easier with a good light.
  4. Pull-Up Rope. This small item is very important when hunting from an elevated stand. Without it climbing into your stand becomes extremely dangerous.
  5. Release, Tab or Cocking Rope. Without these essential items you will be turning around and heading back to the truck. It’s a good idea to carry a spare one of these in your packs, too, in case you lose it or it breaks.
  6. Range Finder. This handy tool will allow you to be more accurate and only take shots inside your effective range.
  7. TP. (For when nature calls).
  8. Bottle of Water. Staying hydrated while in the woods is important. Water could also come in handy to clean off your hands if you harvest an animal.
  9. Hunting Knife. Have a good, sharp knife to use if you’re successful on your hunt. Without it, your drag will become 25 pounds heavier.
  10. Phone or Camera. In the event that you get lost, you find yourself needing a hand to drag a deer or you want to take a selfie to show off your fancy face paint, it’s something that you don’t want to leave behind.

We wish all our bowhunters the best for a great season ahead! Click here to view the 2019-20 Hunting and Trapping Digest for information about season, regulations and more. Thanks for being a Pennsylvania hunter.

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