The 5 Most Common Hunting Injuries

Hunting is a refreshing passion. But, we head into every hunt knowing injuries can happen.

The word “hunting” covers such a variety scenarios, terrains and styles… and as a result, a wide variety of injuries can surprise us.

Thankfully, safety is a big focus in the industry, and new products come out every year that are focused on preventing injuries from happening.

Of course, though, hunting-related accidents are still going to happen. But which ones do you think are the most common?

Treestand Injuries

(Graphic Image – Click Here to Visit Original Article) When falling from a treestand, this guy’s wedding ring got caught and resulted in this. Not your typical treestand injury, but just one example of what can happen. Wide Open Spaces

Whitetail is the most sought-after game in our great nation. Deer hunting in a treestand provides you with many advantages that can help you fill your tag. This shouldn’t shock anyone, though, as bowhunting from a platform 20-30 feet in the air and climbing up in down in the dark with large boots covered in mud and water can often lead to a disaster.

For outsiders, when they hear the words “hunting accidents,” their first thought is usually going to be accidental shootings. But studies have found that treestand injuries are by far the leader in serious injuries or death to a hunter.

Studies show that a third of all hunters will experience a treestand fall in some shape or form in their hunting careers. Neck, back and head injuries can be life-altering. For the sake of you and your family, use a harness to minimize your chances of an accident.

Misfire/Shooting Accidents

The hunting accident that often comes to minds of many is a misfire or shooting incident. Firearms and bows can be incredibly dangerous if improperly handled, which is the sole reason states require safety courses as well as blaze orange attire while in the woods with a firearm.

When hunting with buddies, the rush of a hunt can often catch you in the heat of the moment. With lack of communication and safety, accidents can happen.

Also, pulling the trigger when you see movement but are unsure if it’s an animal sounds absurd. But some hunters have done such a thing. The end result has ended in many deaths and serious injuries. Firearms are no joke, and we as hunters know that.

However, they’re called accidents for a reason, and they do happen.


There’s some kind of game to hunt all around the world, whether you’re in California, Iowa, Georgia or Africa. With that comes many different terrains and weather conditions. Slips and falls are bound to happen, and they do, quite often. The injury can depend on the terrain you slip and fall on.

Slipping can result in bumps, bruises and cuts. Slipping while hunting mountain country can lead to broken bones, punctures and sometimes death.

Taking caution and wearing proper footwear is always a great idea to focus on before hitting the woods or field.

Weapon Malfunction

Guns and bows are fine-tuned machines with a lot of complexity behind them. Sometimes they don’t work correctly or there’s a hunter error that can lead to some serious and gruesome injuries. Not super common, but you see a few every year.

These injuries usually result in some horrific images of some mangled extremities like this story. We’ll warn you now, though, it’s gruesome.

Blocked barrels, wrong ammunition, gun wear, bad arrows and unclean guns can cause any of these accidents.

Broken Hearts

This is injury isn’t quite as tragic and won’t change your life, but boy does it hurt. If you’ve hunted long enough, we’re sure you’ve felt this quite a few times.

You release the arrow on your biggest buck to date and it catches a limb. The arrow skips over the deer’s back and he bounds off alive as can be.

A bull elk approaches your call in the deep timber only to come by at 20 yards without ever presenting you a shot.

Five or six big ol’ gobblers strut within range. You place the bead on one of their heads and pull the trigger only to hear a click. You forgot to chamber a shell.

I could go on and on, and these moments are what keep us hunters coming back to the great outdoors. This injury is obviously more figurative than literal, but it might be the most common.

Enjoy your hunts for what they’re worth and be safe out there!



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