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Apr 4th


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Officials Take Back Management

The legal red tape has been lifted for the Wisconsin Department
of Natural Resources (DNR) to dictate elk hunting permits and restrictions as
they see fit. The current regulations called for a specific population count
and permit number, which the officials believe is not the only threshold required
to properly manage the state’s elk herd. Although the Wisconsin DNR proposed
the rule change last year, there were several groups needed for approval. The
Assembly sporting heritage committee gave the final say just this month to
allow the DNR the freedom to open hunting and adjust permit numbers as needed.
Previous regulations called for a five percent permit allowance once the
population reached at least 200 and 150 in specific areas.

News from Missouri

Missouri hunters can almost see a 2020 elk hunt on the
horizon, but recent bills have focused on increasing poaching fines, not on
hunting regulations. After two elks were poached in February and left fully
intact at the site, the Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) publicly
supported a bill that called for significant restitution fines for poachers. The
Senate bill, SB 356, called for fines of $2,500-$5,000 for poaching a black bear
or elk, while a separate House bill, HB 260, called for even steeper fines of
$10,000-15,000. Although the first Senate bill failed to pass the Agriculture,
Food Production and Outdoor Resources committee, the tougher poaching bill, HB 260,
passed in the House and will be soon voted on in the Senate. The MDC is working
with the Committee before the next meeting to ensure that the bill is fully understood
this time.

Elk in
Rhode Island

Last year, a state bill was introduced to allow elk or
other exotic animals on certain properties for hunting in Rhode Island.
Ultimately, the bill was removed from the House agenda and tabled in the
Senate. The bill was reintroduced this year on the condition that each animal
is cleared by veterinary inspection. At this time, the Department of
Environmental Management has not weighed in on the new bill.

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