Trail Cam Tuesday: 10 New Captures Submitted By Our Readers

Apr 30th


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Pat H. & Jennifer Z.

Check out this week’s awesome trail camera captures.

Each week, we feature a selection of cool trail camera captures that you, our loyal readers, submit to us.

We don’t only look for the biggest bucks, although we do love those captures. We also like to showcase the funny, unusual and interesting footage you stumble upon.

Here’s a selection of the submissions you sent us this week:

Bear butt

Pat H. & Jennifer Z.

Trail Cam Tuesday

Back check

Craig K.

Trail Cam Tuesday

At attention

Jason M. – Arizona

Trail Cam Tuesday

Taking a stroll (video)

Sally N. (CR Wildlife Cams) – Massachusetts

Black bear strolling by beaver pond (Boly Inc. USA 2060-X) – Northcentral MA

Posted by CR Wildlife Cams on Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Slim pickings

Justin H. – Ontario

Trail Cam Tuesday


Jeremy J.

Trail Cam Tuesday

Stare down

Dave B.

Trail Cam Tuesday

Ducks in a row

Kenny B.

Trail Cam Tuesday

Spar time

Jackie B.

Trail Cam Tuesday

On display

Perry S.

Trail Cam Tuesday

And here’s a trail cam video from my own archives:

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