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The Clinton Wildlife Management Area near Clinton, NJ is one of the best known and most heavily used WMAs in New Jersey. This Hunterdon County area, acquired with Hunter/Angler and Green Acres funding, is home to 2,064.17 acres of wooded areas, creek bottoms, mountain streams, planted habitat fields and agricultural fields. The WMA abuts Spruce Run Reservoir and Spruce Run State Park.

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Anglers can fish the Mulhockaway Creek, a trout production and stocked feeder stream that replenishes the Spruce Run Reservoir. Clinton WMA Pond can be fished for Largemouth Bass and sunfish. The WMA also provides multiple access points to Spruce Run Reservoir.

Shooting Ranges

A shotgun range, centerfire rifle range and archery range can be found at this WMA with ample parking at all locations. A valid hunting license is required to use the ranges.

Upland Hunting

The pheasant fields are maintained by the Bureau of Land Management annually for the stocking of pheasants and chukar. A dog training area is available off Van Syckels Road and is a great place to work with a new pup. In recent years, the area has seen an increase in woodcock sightings and harvest. The WMA is in Turkey Management Zone 8, and turkey hunting can vary from good to excellent depending on the mast crop for the year.

Deer Hunting

Being in Hunterdon County, the WMA is well known for deer hunting. The topography and abundant food supply make this an important wintering habitat for a very large whitetail population, despite significant hunting pressure. The entire WMA is in Deer Management Zone 7.


To access Clinton WMA and parking areas, take Interstate 78 West to exit 13. Continue down Route 173 West and the sign for the Centerfire Rifle Range is located on the right-hand side, followed by a sign for the Northern Region Office where the archery and shotgun ranges are located. To access the parking lots on the northern side of the WMA, continue down Route 173 West. Make a right onto Charlestown Road and then turn right onto Van Syckels Road. Several parking lots are available along Van Syckels Road to access Clinton WMA.

Owned by New Jersey Department of Environmental ProtectionFish & Wildlife, the Wildlife Management Area System is comprised of more than 360,000 acres in 122 areas throughout the state, which is more than 44% of New Jersey’s state-owned public open space. WMAs are maintained and supported with funding from license sales, the Federal Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration Program and the Wildlife Habitat Supporter Program.

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Wildlife Management Area Maps

WMA Regulations

WMAs are patrolled by NJ Fish & Wildlife Conservation Police Officers to ensure public safety. If you see violations while visiting a WMA, please call the 24-hour DEP hotline at 877-WARN-DEP (877-927-6337).

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