WMA of the Month – White Lake

White Lake Wildlife Management Area in Hardwick Township, Warren County is comprised of 984.45 acres across Stillwater Road (County Route 521) from White Lake, which gets its name from the white chalky marl bottom composed of freshwater mollusk shells and clay.

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A variety of interesting habitats exist on the WMA, including fertile meadows, karst limestone exposures, sinkhole ponds, and stands of mature hemlock and hardwood forests.  


White Lake WMA is home to several bird species. Waterfowl, herons, egrets, songbirds and raptors can be seen year-round and during migration season.


The land at White Lake WMA is in Deer Management Zone 5 and supports a plentiful deer herd. For that reason, bag limits and seasons are liberal. White Lake WMA lies within Turkey Hunting Area 2, and the hard and soft mast found within the WMA supports flocks of turkeys.


There are three parking areas along Stillwater Road. From Interstate 80 take Exit 12 Hope/Blairstown. Take County Route 521 north towards Blairstown for 5 miles. Turn left on Route 94 and travel 0.5 miles to the first traffic light. Turn right at the light and continue on County Route 521 (Stillwater Road) for approximately 2 miles. Cross the intersection with Route 659 (Spring Valley Road) and continue 0.2 miles. The entrance to White Lake will be on your right and past that on the left are access and parking areas for the WMA. 

Owned by New Jersey Department of Environmental ProtectionFish & Wildlife, the Wildlife Management Area System is comprised of more than 360,000 acres in 122 areas throughout the state, which is more than 44% of New Jersey’s state-owned public open space. WMAs are maintained and supported with funding from license sales, the Federal Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration Program and the Wildlife Habitat Supporter Program.

If you are interested in supporting the maintenance of White Lake WMA and other Wildlife Management Areas, become a Wildlife Habitat Supporter by donating now:

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WMA Regulations

WMAs are patrolled by NJ Fish & Wildlife Conservation Police Officers to ensure public safety. If you see violations while visiting a WMA, please call the 24-hour DEP hotline at 877-WARN-DEP (877-927-6337).

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