Youth Field Days: Exciting Outdoor Traditions and Activities

A participant greets a beagle at the Dog Training station of a Youth Field Day event. Photo by Derek Stoner.

The rush and thrill of hitting the bullseye.  The excitement of watching a hunting dog lock onto the scent of its quarry.  The feeling of trying a fun outdoor sport for the first time.  All these opportunities and more are part of Youth Field Day experiences that connect youngsters with impactful outdoor traditions like hunting, shooting, trapping, and fishing.

Each summer throughout Pennsylvania, sportsmen’s clubs and conservation organizations put together special events to provide school-age children with a deeper connection the outdoors.  Each Youth Field Day is unique, and may feature special activities like canoeing, muzzleloader shooting, flycasting, or dog training.

Youngsters try their hand at simulating a waterfowl hunt
at a Youth Field Day event. Photo by Derek Stoner.

The safety and comfort of participants is a top focus of these events, and the organizers work to provide the youth and their families with an enjoyable day outdoors.  Most events include a mid-day break for lunch and an outdoor picnic-style environment.

Tagge Forrest, coordinator of Youth Field Day events in Lancaster County, offers these thoughts on the impact of these programs: “Providing an introduction to positive outdoor activities forms a solid first foothold in a possible lifelong journey. Through their own understanding and appreciation, our youth become the protectors and promoters of our outdoor heritage. A day in the field spent sharing outdoor experiences can lead to a better sense of self-value and confidence.”

Archery is always a popular activity at Youth Field Days. Photo by Derek Stoner.

Whether shooting a bow and arrow for the first time, breaking clay targets with a shotgun, or watching a dog work through cover, there are many ways in which special memories are made during Youth Field Days.

Registration for Youth Field Days is open now.
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We wish participants in the 2021 Youth Field Days a safe and successful outdoor experience!

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