Nominations Accepted for 2024 Sport Fisheries Achievement Award

Recognition for conservation, education, and sportsmanship

Photo of award plaque with engraved names of winners

The Maryland Sport Fisheries Achievement Award plaque at Tawes Building in Annapolis is engraved with each year’s winner. Photo by Anthony Burrows, Maryland Department of Natural Resources

The Maryland Department of Natural Resources and Sport Fisheries Advisory Commission are seeking nominations for the annual Maryland Sport Fisheries Achievement Award, a celebration of conservation, education, and sportsmanship.

This prestigious honor recognizes an individual who has provided sustained efforts in habitat management, conservation, education, research, or other meaningful contributions that benefit fish and recreational fishing in Maryland. 

Nominations for the Maryland Sport Fisheries Achievement Award are being accepted now through January 31, 2024. Recipients will receive a proclamation signed by the Secretary of the Department of Natural Resources and the chair of the Sport Fisheries Advisory Commission. 

Nominations can be made by completing an online form, which includes submitting a detailed essay describing the nominee’s contributions to Maryland recreational fisheries. More information is available by contacting Paul Genovese at or 443-534-3627.

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