Jul 18th


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Latest Issue of NH Wildlife Journal

In the latest issue of New Hampshire Wildlife Journal magazine (July/August 2019), follow the incredible lifecycle of the American eel, traveling with the species from New Hampshire’s freshwater rivers to the Sargasso Sea. Transitioning to a saltwater environment is just […] CONTACT: Nicola Whitley: (603) 271-3211 Jay Martin: (603) 271-3211 July 11, 2019 CONCORD, NH […]

Sites of Early Morning Paddling – Waterfowl Brood Surveys

By Wildlife Biologist Carl Tugend There are about 150 species of waterfowl worldwide, with 34 of these species utilizing habitats in Maine, including dabbling ducks, diving ducks, sea ducks, and geese species. The species present in Maine provide opportunities for the state to help preserve unique waterfowl habitats and also allow for sport hunting of […]

Jul 16th


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Bald Eagle Numbers are Actually Soaring in Pennsylvania

There are so many nests, wildlife officials can’t physically count them all. Bald eagles have been at the forefront of Pennsylvania conservation for years. For years, the Pennsylvania Game Commission would release the eagle population numbers on July 4. Then the birds were threatened, but they’ve managed to make an incredible recovery in recent years. […]

Jul 15th


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Register Now For August and September Hunter Education Courses

Sign up now to take your Hunter Education class and be ready for all the coming seasons. Register today at www.huntnh.com/hunting/hunter-ed.html. Select “Find a Hunter Education Course,” choose a traditional or online class, then complete the registration to join. Walk-ins […] CONTACT: Josh Mackay: (603) 271-0459 Lisa Collins: (603) 271-3212 July 10, 2019 CONCORD, NH […]

Jul 14th


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Namibia’s Statement on the Hunting of a Problem Elephant

For the Namibian Ministry of Environment & Tourism’s full response, follow the link here.     The views expressed by the editors, authors or users of this linked article are expressly theirs, and do not necessarily reflect the policies or opinions of Dallas Safari Club, its employees, members or assigns. Any concerns about a site […]

Jul 13th


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Summer Youth Bayventures Programs

Youth day programs are being offered once again this summer at the Great Bay Discovery Center, 89 Depot Road in Greenland. Bayventures and Jr. Bayventures give boys and girls the chance to learn about the creatures and habitat of Great Bay, outdoor observation, and even […] CONTACT: Beth Heckman: (603)-778-0015 July 8, 2019 GREENLAND, NH […]

Jul 12th


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A Guide to the Great Things About Hunting for Those Who Don’t Do It

Here are a few things to share with the non-hunters in your life. As hunters, it can be difficult to articulate exactly what it is that we love about this pastime and what we get out of it. Unfortunately, hunting is something that is quickly falling out of favor with parts of the general public. […]

Jul 11th


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Paper Plate Accuracy

As long as you can keep your shots inside a paper plate, you’ll likely hit the vital zone. With big-game animals it is always essential to hit a vital zone. Misses don’t count and near-misses are far worse than clean misses. For most of us the “vital zone” means center-chest, the heart and/or lung area. […]

MDIFW to Assess Maine’s Wild Turkey Population

By Wildlife Biologist Kelsey Sullivan As a result of recommendations in the recently completed Big Game Species Plan, the Department has been working to generate a data rich method of estimating the size of our wild turkey population to best inform hunting season regulations at the wildlife management district (WMD) level.  To achieve this goal, […]

Jul 9th


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Changing Lives With Wheelchair Outdoor Sports

By Lorraine Lawrence I recently attended the Texas State Sporting Clays Championship. As I walked along towards the clubhouse at the National Shooting Complex (https://nsc.nssa-nsca.org) I was scanning the faces of the people as I passed looking for friends I knew in the crowd. I spotted a motorized wheel chair a short distance in front […]

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