DSC Big Bore Shoot a Booming Success

DSC held one of its signature annual events last weekend – the 2024 Big Bore Shoot.

Close to 30 shooters arrived early at the private range just south of Dallas, some coming as far away as the Texas Hill Country and Louisiana.

The rules were simple; a practice round of three shots followed by two rounds of three shots each scoring from 70 yards off shooting sticks, 30 yards freehand and, finally, two shots in rapid succession on a moving target.

The targets were silhouetted Cape buffalo, with two points being awarded for a brain shot and one point awarded for a shoulder shot.

The breezy Saturday morning made lining up shots a challenge, but the heavy calibers in .375, .416 and .470 helped shooters steady themselves on the sticks at 70 yards. Round two saw the firing line moved up to 30 yards and shooters fired three shots offhand at the targets.

Finally, a buffalo target on a zipline provided shooters with a chance for two shots at a fast-moving target.

When the scores had been tallied, DSC Life Member Johnny Holder had the highest cumulative score for the three rounds. Life Member David Allison came in second.

After the shooting had concluded, the group retired to the shade of live oaks for a bar-b-cue lunch. A special thanks to Chris Sells, who graciously allowed DSC to use the private range for the event.



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