Pheasant Hunting Opportunity Available in Maryland Via Lottery

Photo of pheasant in a field

Photo by Ranger Elena Gilroy, Maryland Department of Natural Resources

The Maryland Department of Natural Resources invites all junior license holders, apprentice license holders, and lapsed hunters to apply to participate in this year’s stocked pheasant hunt.

The stocked pheasant hunts are do-it-yourself hunts that will take place on state-owned land throughout the state on November 18 and 19. 

All applicants must have a DNR ID number to apply and will need to possess a valid hunting license to participate in the hunt, should they be selected. Applications for the stocked pheasant hunt will only be accepted through the department’s Compass online portal by Oct. 6. There is no charge to apply and no charge for selected applicants to participate.

Space is limited at each of these hunts to help ensure a quality hunting experience. 

More information, including FAQs, application links and hunt areas, is available on the department’s Mentored Hunt Program webpage . Hunters can contact Chris Markin by email at with any questions.

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