DSC Announces New Tennessee Foundation Chapter

DSC is proud to announce the newest Chapter to the ever-growing Chapter system: The DSC Tennessee Foundation.

The new Chapter’s mission statement aligns perfectly with DSC’s mission of Conservation, Education and Advocacy.

“At the DSC Tennessee Foundation, our mission is the conservation and education of outdoor programs dedicated to promoting sustainable hunting and fishing while safeguarding our environment. We are committed to nurturing a deep understanding of responsible practices among enthusiasts. Through education, advocacy, and community engagement, we strive to foster a culture that values the delicate balance between human activity and the preservation of our natural world. Our dedication to conservation ensures the continued enjoyment of outdoor traditions for generations to come while protecting and preserving the diverse ecosystems that sustain them.”

New Chapter president Wyatt Fetner is eager to get started.

“We are very excited to finally join the ranks of the DSC Chapter System so that we can extend the passion and excitement for conservation, education, and community that DSC is known for to the Volunteer State,” Wyatt said. “It has been a personal goal of mine to open a chapter in Tennessee since the program began. Now that that dream has been realized, the real work begins.

Tennessee is internationally famous for its volunteer spirit, and we plan to make that a key part of all of our actions. Whether it is supporting conservation programs at the state or national level, aiding in the education of the next generation of hunters, or continuing to fight for the rights of sportsmen, the DSC Tennessee Foundation will be in the vanguard.”

We are excited to add the DSC Tennessee Foundation to our growing DSC Chapter family,” said Bruce Boroski, DSC Chapter Development Manager. “With deeply aligned values with DSC, supporting conservation programs, fighting for rights of all sportsmen and educating the next generation makes for a great partnership. You can feel the passion our new DSC Tennessee Foundation chapter brings with them.  We look forward to working alongside and helping them accomplish great things in Tennessee at the state and national level for conservation.”

Annually, chapters contribute 25 percent of the net of their largest fundraiser to DSC and the DSC Foundation. Of this, 20 percent is used for real, boots-on-the-ground conservation projects of the chapter’s choosing. Meaning, DSC chapters keep or direct 95 percent of the money that they raise to projects of their choosing. Our chapters retain more money than other similar organizations and know exactly where their money goes…because they choose the projects!

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