DSC Welcomes Mid-Atlantic Region Chapter

DSC is thrilled to add another group to its roster of Conservation-minded Chapters – the DSC Mid-Atlantic Region Chapter.

“We have another great addition to our DSC Chapter family,” said Bruce Boroski, DSC Chapter Development Manager. “Guy Moorman brings great energy and leadership to his Mid-Atlantic Chapter. I know they will use this energy to make a difference in their region by showing support for youth, military programs and conservation projects. We look forward to working closely to help them accomplish great things in the Mid- Atlantic Region.”

According to their newly adopted mission statement, DSC Mid-Atlantic Region Chapter has assembled a very talented and passionate group of conservationists on their Board. Based in Virginia Beach, VA, the new chapter will focus on education and giving back to the military.

Chapter President Guy Moorman is ready to get rolling.

“We are excited to announce the founding of the Mid-Atlantic Chapter of DSC,” he said. “DSC Mid-Atlantic’s mission is to bring local focus in ensuring well-regulated hunting and sustainable use of our wildlife. This focus begins with supporting our talented and passionate group of conservationists in their efforts to promote conservation through education and public engagement centered on tomorrow’s outdoorsmen and outdoorswomen. Leveraging the endless real-world outdoor experiences DSC Mid-Atlantic’s leadership team possess, our dual focus includes partnering with this region’s strong military presence, offering dedicated programs that help veterans using the healing powers of nature.

“Additionally, through the promotion of conservation through education, we will be hyper focused on our youth, extending local outdoors experiences and expanding our youth’s horizons. DSC Mid-Atlantic opens doors and creates opportunities to support international efforts including rhino conservation and anti-poaching efforts in Africa.”

For more information on DSC Chapters, contact Bruce Boroski at Bruce@Biggame.org.

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