Hornady Sponsors Pass It On – Outdoor Mentors

Pass It On – Outdoor Mentors announced that Hornady has committed to sponsoring their mission to engage youth with opportunities to hunt and fish. Pass It On – Outdoor Mentors currently has programming in Kansas, Iowa, and Wisconsin with designs to expand into at least 2 more states in 2024. In 2023, Pass It On – Outdoor Mentors organized and coordinated over 600 events engaging over 1,300 youth and 500 mentors.

“We can’t thank Hornady enough for stepping up to sponsor our Outdoor Mentoring Program,” stated Mike Christensen, President of Pass It On – Outdoor Mentors. “We have an opportunity to make great strides in recruiting and retaining young hunters and anglers, and we need the outdoor industry’s support to do that. Hornady’s commitment and leadership will go far towards making that happen.”

“Hornady is proud to partner with Outdoor Mentors especially when it involves youth and the outdoors. As hunters and conservationists, we all should be involved in getting our youth involved with the outdoors and partnering with Outdoor Mentors just made sense,” said Ritchie.

“Our ability to expand our footprint and to engage more youth with opportunities to hunt and fish relies on the support we receive from the outdoor community. Over the last four years we have shown that our model is scalable and replicable and we look forward to seeing more young people in the field,” said Christensen. “The support from industry leaders like Hornady will make sure we can fulfill our goals.”

For more information about Pass It On – Outdoor Mentors, please visit https://outdoormentors.org/.

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