New York Woman Reels in Fish With Two Mouths

Mother Nature never ceases to amaze us.

Perhaps the best part about fishing is the unknown. There’s nothing more exciting than feeling that first strike and successfully setting a hook, as you’re imagination immediately starts racing to determine what it is you’re fighting.

You’ll try to guess what species of fish you’re dealing with, how much it weighs and how much work you’re in for.

The only thing that’s arguably better than that perfect hookset is seeing your fish surface as it nears your boat. The reward of realizing you underestimated a fish is invaluable, and it’s only multiplied when you pull up something completely unexpected.

That was certainly the case for Debbie Geddes when she reeled in the fish of the lifetime.

She and her husband were fishing on Lake Champlain in New York with the hopes of a fun day on the water. However, no one could ever foresee catching a two-mouthed fish.

Watch the video below:

The fish looks to be a mutated lake trout, which Adam Facteau of Knotty Boys Fishing is calling “#Champ2.0.”

No one is quite sure what would cause this kind of mutation on a lake trout, but plenty of speculation has already surfaced, including theories that toxic waste played a role.

Additionally, it’s worth noting this was actually a fair-sized fish, too. It’s not often you catch a mutated fish that also happens to flirt with “trophy” status.

What’s even better is Geddes released the bizarre-looking fish for the next angler to catch.

“Good luck!” she tells all of her fellow fishermen.

Congrats to both Geddes and her husband on a great catch and an unforgettable experience!

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