Brittany Boddington on “She Hunts” and Why It’s Important to the Hunting Industry

We sat down with Brittany Boddington and got the details on why the She Hunts program is such an integral part of supporting the female hunters demographic.

Brittany Boddington is the type of woman who takes hunting seriously.

There’s no wonder, seeing as her father Craig Boddington is one of the industry’s most well-known figures. Their shared hosting duties of TV shows (like “The Boddington Experience”) and common goal of writing informed, entertaining articles for hunting magazines and websites (such as Guns and Ammo, Sports Afield, Petersen’s Hunting Adventures, and Wild Deer) have sent them down similar paths, but Brittany’s taken her responsibilities even further with the creation of She Hunts Skills Camps.

She filled us in on what makes She Hunts so special, but it was her pedigree and experience that spoke for itself; if you’re going to learn hunting skills for the first time, being taught by someone with years of international big game hunting knowhow is a significant benefit.

The California native is a great spokeswoman for her way of life, and is helping ensure the next generation of hunters is a diverse, educated bunch.

To find out more about She Hunts, check out their social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram, and be sure to follow Brittany herself as well.


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