Pennsylvania House Passes Historic Sunday Hunting Bill

After 337 years of a near total ban on Sunday hunting in the Commonwealth, the Pennsylvania House voted to pave the way for limited Sunday hunting. The bill, which allows for hunting on three Sundays, will now head back to the Senate, which is expected to agree to the House version of the bill. If the Senate agrees, the bill will be sent to Gov. Tom Wolf for his signature.

Call Today! Pennsylvania members should call their State Senator and urge them to vote YES one last time on SB 147. Members can locate their State Senator by using the Sportsmen’s Alliance Legislative Action Center Directory.

The Sportsmen’s Alliance, the National Shooting Sports Foundation, the National Rifle Association and a broad coalition comprised of local Pennsylvania sportsmen’s groups have been working with legislators in both chambers of the Pennsylvania legislature to remove the centuries old ban so that the Commonwealth can join the neighboring states of Maryland, New York, Ohio and West Virginia, which already allow for Sunday hunting.

Senate Bill 147 would permit hunting on three Sundays: one during deer gun season, one during deer archery season, and one determined by the Pennsylvania Game Commission. In addition, the House of Representatives added four amendments:

  • Requires written permission while hunting on private land on Sundays.
  • Allows a hunter to retrieve a dog that has crossed on to other properties while hunting provided the hunter is unarmed.
  • Delays the implementation of the bill so that it will take effect for the 2020 hunting season.
  • Allows other law enforcement agencies to assist Pennsylvania Game Wardens with the trespass issues should the need arise.

“The Sportsmen’s Alliance and its Pennsylvania members would like to thank the leadership and members of both parties in the House and Senate. We urge the Senate to schedule a quick concurrence vote and send this historic legislation to the Governor,” said Bruce Tague vice president of government affairs for the Sportsmen’s Alliance.

About the Sportsmen’s Alliance: The Sportsmen’s Alliance protects and defends America’s wildlife conservation programs and the pursuits – hunting, fishing and trapping – that generate the money to pay for them. Sportsmen’s Alliance Foundation is responsible for public education, legal defense and research.  Its mission is accomplished through several distinct programs coordinated to provide the most complete defense capability possible. Stay connected to Sportsmen’s Alliance: OnlineFacebookTwitter and Instagram.

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